Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the start of something

started out in the year 2000 as a sock with no clothing, brought to life by yours truly, as a gift to a friend. (He didn't really have a name at first. In '03 I named him Mimo, which is mime in spanish.) Over the next few years, Mimo donned felt fruit-shaped patches with smiles and worked his way into my friends' hearts. I charged 10$...but not actually. it's hard to take money from your friends when you can just give them something fun you've made.

In 2003, I found that Mimo was certainly a photogenic babe. Finally I made one for myself, giving him a striped shirt and matching socks. He even has a little felt heart tattoo underneath his clothing. Mimo followed me around to old abandoned asylums in central MA and found the cupboards and rusty cabinets a fun and interesting place to creep out. He even spent some time in the library where I used to work, posing with his friends such as Mama Goose Princess and Puff Dragon (who will later make an appearance).

More Polaroids will surface soon. There are some real gems for you to see.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last night a dj saved my life.

It's 2007? It's been a year since a new genre of music saved my life. Mimo has changed from a friendly sock creature with a crooked smile to a scary, wide-eyed cave-crawling space-suited electric version of himself. Seen here in pastel pink and green, he is most certainly a different man. Teeth bared, hair flared, disco dj mimo made a perfect gift for a good friend who helped refine my taste in music, who helped save my life.

Mimo's life story will appear over the next few posts. Enjoy.


Part of the weekend never dies.

I suppose it's about time for an art blog. I've joined the party.